Luxury hair company La Verita hosts influential women for an African hair care experience that is tastefully designed to meet your specific needs. The company officially launched at a private event with the host Candius Diallo, owner and founder of La Verita Hair.

La Verita is positioned to be Nigeria’s leading luxurious hair manufacturing company. It is dedicated to creating and processing quality human hair while customers can design hair extensions according to their hair texture, desired style and color.

Guests were treated to a six-course meal curated by the in-house chef as they learned new ways to experience haircare services. Candius Diallo spoke of her commitment to providing excellent customer service and the critical role her clients play in her desire to revolutionize African hair care services. It was a perfect blend of beauty and luxury.

As part of it’s CSR commitments La Verita is committed to training and skill development in the hair care services industry. To learn more please visit the website or follow on Instagram, 

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