Wherever you look in Lagos, there is always something going on.  For tourists and locals alike, there is always something new to see and do. Especially on the weekends. It is never too hard to find something fun to engage in during the weekend as long as you have an internet-connected phone, cool friends, and a budget. Spending the weekend in Lagos, here are a few suggestions to spice up your weekend.

  • BAR HOP – From the Island to the Mainland, there are more than a number of bars that open their doors at different hours of the day. Many of them operate all day long. The choice is yours to make on the type of bar you want to visit, with whom, and how much you want to spend there.
  • GALLERY HOP – Art enthusiasts and creative can find an array of galleries to visit. From the Kalakuta Museum to Nike Art Gallery, there is no shortage of galleries and museums to feed the creative mind.
  • ARCHITECTURE HUNT – For the design-inclined creative, a trip round Lagos will give you an enormous amount of inspiration from the different structures scattered around the city. Not sure where to start the hunt, try Alara in Victoria Island, a luxury lifestyle concept store whose building was designed by Ghanaian-British Architect, David Adjaye.

  • BEACH SURFING – With an assortment of beaches, both those open to the public and the private beaches, you cannot go wrong with deciding to spend the weekend on a beach somewhere. You’ll have a refreshed mind and a well-rested body when the weekend rolls to an end.
  • PARTY HOP – Lagos is the ‘party centre’ with every kind of event from weddings and anniversaries to corporate events and private parties. A call to a friend can get you an invite to a party. And if that fails, the internet is available. Some website and blogs feature concert posters, ads for fashion exhibitions and other pop-up events that you can choose from.
  • MOVIE BINGE – From Ikeja to Surulere and Victoria Island to Lekki, there are various cinema houses to satisfy the needs of any movie buff. You can never go wrong with spending an entire day diving into different make-believes.

Don’t be shy. Make the calls, go out and have fun. There is so much you can do in Lagos on the weekend. Dive into the fun side of this city that never sleeps.

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