LAMI PHILLIPS, known for her electrifying stage presence and strong live performances, is an Afro-reggae-funk-soul singer and songwriter like never before experienced.

Lami is back

 Now LAMI PHILLIPS IS BACK like she never left. Refreshed, reenergized, rebirthed and renewed!! On the heels on this rebirth is an unequivocal desire to be a sincere artiste. In this light she wrote & co-produced a song aptly titled SO AMAZING featuring her sister and friend Tiwa Savage. This song is also a platform for Lami’s initiative and partnership with Oxfam to empower and inspire the girl child and women all over the world.

LAMI PHILLIPS was recently unveiled as the first Lady of ALTERPLATE MUSIC which is run by Harrison Okiri aka HARRYSONG and is clearly on a path to dominate.

…and the queen shall rise like a phoenix through the ashes…

LAMI PHILLIPS, has indeed come into her own as the queen

that she is. With support from her sister and friend, Tiwa

Savage, LAMI gives us the gift of self-love and inspiration all

wrapped up in good music.

SO AMAZING is an uplifting message on a beat with bounce

that speaks of self-actualization; ignoring the noise from the

world, and looking within to find your inner peace and

strength in the knowledge that you are SO AMAZING!!! “

When asked about the details of her record deal with Alter Plate, she responded, “It’s a 2 year deal. But what makes it interesting is that, it’s a deal that allows me to be myself as an artiste and to evolve as an artiste. It allows me to continue to reach for the skies. It gives me the room to learn. This deal provides me tools to work with in terms of support and knowledge. I have been in the industry for a while, but this deal feels good with me.

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