I’m sure everyone of us has gone through situations with a family member or friend or even spouse that has either gotten the best of us or almost did l. We can tend to react in ways we never even expected ourselves to. Our natural instincts want us to react and step out of character because we have this natural feeling of ‘he/she can’t get away with it’.

I remember when I was younger, you couldn’t tell me anything. I was ready to attack anyone that crossed me. Fight fire with fire. I hated when people told me ‘Vengeance is of the Lord’. But, after it’s said and done, i’d feel good for the moment. Was it really worth it?

Growing up, I’ve learnt much better but still I get moments where my natural instincts kick in and I want to react to everything but then I take a breath and tell myself  ‘there’s no need to be spiteful. There’s this thing called “Karma,” that will take care of it all. Remember, what goes around comes around’.

I think being patient is the big lesson. Being patient and forgiving solves a lot of problems within us that we don’t even know. There’s no need to carry the burden of someone else’s mischief towards us, it’s their baggage to carry.

So, let go of whatever anger or annoyance it is yiu have in you and be happy. Let Karma do it’s job. Let God do his work. Doesn’t mean you should still wait for something you happen with th you person. Just let it be and live.

Have you ever been spiteful or do you allow karma to take over?

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