Hair seems to be one of those things with which we have a “love-hate relationship”. At one point we’re obsessed with our hair; loving it, showing it off, taking hair selfies, then the next minute we’re frustrated and hiding it away in scarfs and hats, or better still throwing on a wig.

We could go with the #ShortHairDontCare movement, but who are we deceiving? Regardless of what stage we’re going through, we care about our hair. We care about how it looks, how it feels, how it smells. We care about those edges, we care about the length, we care about the growth, basically, WE CARE ABOUT OUR HAIR! Here are a few tips to having #GoodHairDays all year round!

1. Moisturise- Many of us confuse moisturising with oiling, probably because our childhood days were filled with our mums emphasizing the need to “cream” our hair every day, fortunately we know better now, thanks mum. Moisture means “to make moist”, and moisture is measured by water content, hence water is the best moisturiser. It is thus important to physically and intentionally wet the hair with water, after which oil can then be added as a sealant to lock-in that moisture.

2. Avoid Tight Braids- Trust me, I know how hard this can be, especially as someone who loves braids. It’s even harder if you get your hair done by someone else. Tight braids strain the hair and the scalp, and could eventually lead to hair loss (Traction Alopecia). So, as much as you can avoid those tight braids and try not to pull on your edges.

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3. Massage Your Scalp- Like the rest of our body, blood vessels are buried beneath our scalp. Within the blood are nutrients that travel round the body to aid growth and various body processes. If blood isn’t able to circulate through your scalp well, then some nutrients that ought to aid in hair growth and repair won’t be able to reach certain hair follicles, thus impairing proper hair growth. To avoid this, it’s important to gently massage your scalp occasionally to aid circulation, and also relieve tension.

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4. Feed Your Hair- Hair is made up largely of proteins, so for proper growth, it needs a good supply of its “parts”. Having said that, protein-rich foods such as milk, cheese, soy, beans,peas and yogurt help strengthen hair and aid its growth process. Iron-rich foods such as leafy vegetables and fish are also vital as iron aids blood flow! (Now we know the importance of blood flow, especially to our scalp) Lastly don’t forget, water is your best friend!

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Taking care of your hair should be fun and easy, so don’t only look forward to the results, but enjoy the process also! To be honest, as long as you keep a healthy diet and practice good hygiene, you’re good to go!

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