Many would think less of the cliche; the truth shall set you free’. As a rare virtue, the truth builds bridges, strengthens bonds and illuminates trust. The rules set by mother earth for living in her space includes the right to choose and discern, this luxury though abused by many determines the outcome of our lives.

Living by the truth and for the truth is toughas negativity sellsfast with high profit; vices are celebrated continually and progress is made by falsehood. Thesedays, it seemsthere is an exchange in the fate of virtues and vices. It looks like the virtous retrogress and the bad people progress at full speed. Are we to live a false life to be successful? As sane beings, whatever action we take or whatever part we decide to trod must be one that stands the test of time, bringing our earthly sojourn to a logical end. We have the right to choose which we would prefer to associate with, but we must also bear in mind that the celebration of negativity is usually short-lived.

Lies should have no place with us

Lies take care of the present; it settles things well and paint false perfection. As a matter of fact, lies are catalyst in nature and speed up false progress, false fame, and false wealth and build a very weak foundation that would never stand the test of time. Falsehood breeds falsehood and the result of falsehood is permanent disgrace; which would you rather be associated with? Lies have no future, because it is temporal in nature. A future is built on the long term and must have all the rudiments that would solidify its base and make it strong enough to stand tall amidst the turbulent situations it would be faced with.

We must set straight our priorities of living a life devoid of falsehood. Let me put it like this; if lies take care of the present and have no future, then the truth have both a present and a future. Which is a better choice? We live our lives for a better tomorrow and a sustainable future, not a better today and disgraceful tomorrow. People spend countless years and ample sacrifices building their integrity and wouldn’t want it fizzled out in a split second. This can actually happen if the said integrity is built on falsehood.

Lies have no future

When building a house, we spend precious resources buying solid blocks, cement, iron rods and putting together a reputable building team that would put up a structure that will stand strong for many decades to come. If we value our future, we can also spend the same energy and resources required to build a solid and long lasting reputation. This reputation would rub off on the community and create a society that is built on the brick of trust; the cement of unity; the iron bars of progress and painted with a promising future.

We must live our lives in truth; lies should have no place with us.

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