For every single decision we take that concerns our immediate health, we must be sure it’s the correct decision whether are not. One would really not understand the gift of good  health until he’s placed in ICU and the activities of his body displayed on a suspended oscilloscope hanging above his hospital bed.

There are certain daily habits we’re in sync with  that appears normal and routine, but in the real sense, they’re suicidal. A cigarette is a well designed poison sold legally everywhere, capable of killing people and even more people. Smoking is a death trap, a habit that shouldn’t even be started in the first place.

Smoking is dangerous to health

When we breathe, in sixty seconds, oxygen circulates around every part of our body. It’s the same process when you smoke, tobacco is well distributed around the lungs and a good fertilizer for cancer. Naturally, the liver is the only part of the body that grows itself when damaged but you must know that nicotine (in cigarette) kills the cells that make this possible.

Why not eat healthy too? Eat balanced diet and exercise frequently. “Health is wealth” is a cliche we’re already bored of; but in these three words are the basic essentials of healthy living and guaranteed longevity. Of course, living healthy costs nothing but a positive decision to stay perfectly in shape for a balanced healthy life.

Dumb bell helps is proper execise

Our body is our most prized asset as humans, and you know what we do to our most prized asset? We nurture them. Hard drugs and excessive thinking are avenues to early death. While the former alter the proper functioning of the body’s fragile psychological system, the latter keeps the body’s blood pressure up; this in turn can lead to a heart attack.

Some men also engage themselves in excessive aphrodisiac intake just to impress a woman in bed. Now, men must understand that these drugs alter the heart beating system by allowing it pump blood a lot faster than it should do normally. This undoubtedly gives metaphysical energy to impress during intercourse but at the same time it puts the body condition under a great deal of risks.

Using aphrodisiac before intercourse is dangerous to health

What is more? There is no good side to negativity and a vice can never be a virtue no matter how much we try to paint it . Living healthy costs nothing really; what you think of your body is what you make of it. There are actually no special secrets to living healthy than a conscious effort to stay healthy.

So make a choice today!


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