For a newcomer (a jjc or a village champion) living the rural area to the serenity of one of Africa’s finest citiies, there is only one thing in mind, to make money. Lagos, for many outsiders is a land flowing with milk and honey (although it is), and anyone in his or her right senses will kill to live in this haven of opportunities.


People never get to know the other side of Lagos or at least ask questions before embarking on the roller coaster trip to Eko. Truth be told, Lagos has many sides to it; as a thoroughbred on this shores, I can tell you categorically that Lagos is for the smart.

Now don’t get it twisted, there are opportunities herein. Trust me, opportunities enough to change your life; but have it at the back of your mind that you’re not walking into a state with streets paved in gold or money growing on trees. Believe me, living in Lagos is extreme sport.

One of the major parks in Lagos

Waking up at 6:00am to go to work is suicidal in Lagos. Infact, a first taste of Lagos traffic will make you regret you ever came here. The danfo drivers are another headache in the centre of excellence; these combo of sane and insane men driving rickety yellow and black painted buses are enough to spoil your day at first contact. They’re unruly, rude and unprofessional.

The pick pockets will expose you to being extra careful and wise and the Ikeja computer village guys will teach you that creativity had its root from the Silicon Valley. The street food is enormous, a few hygienic and the others poison. The noise from the hustle and bustle is deafening and the midday heat is phenomenal.

Ikeja computer village

The endless queues at major bus stops and the overcrowded locomotive trains evident along Oshodi, Ikeja and some other areas leave you wandering. People actually sit on top of trains in Lagos. Why is that?

Although, the state seem to be taking a new look with the conscious effort of the current administration, but trust me, when you come into Lagos, don’t expect to be walking into the St. pancreas station in London or the Schipol airport in Amsterdam; you’ll be walking into Lagos, the hub of opportunites. So a quick advice, don’t come to Lagos without being fully kitted. You’ll be gearing up for an extreme sport.

Eko o nibaje…… O bajeti

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