Let’s face it, trying to live a healthy life in Lagos, can be likened to trying to swim without getting wet.

Often the struggle to keep fit and eat healthy has us taking more L’s (losses ) than we would prefer. Alas,

here are four common troublesome fictional characters we encounter on our quest to our best self and

the smart hacks around them. REHIA GIWA-OSAGIE



Often unavoidable, yet we remain in perpetual annoyance as to where, how and why the traffic has emerged.

The unpredictable nature of this beast which we must manoeuvre around screams for us to do precisely the opposite and make things more predictable for ourselves when it comes to fitting our workout in and around being stuck at a standstill.




– Join a gym near your workplace /home or anywhere that’s on route to either. Convenience is key to sustainability and consistency in this game of getting fit.


– pack your gym wear the night before or leave spare gym equipment, and anything you might need, at the gym/office in advance. Meaning you do not need to go home then come back out. Ultimately plan ahead



– have open communication with your trainers or gym and have dialogue on what times work for you in order for them to help your cause. Elitebox class timing variety is excellent at this.




The same thing that funds your lifestyle and helps you earn money is the same thing that won’t allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you work hard to create in a healthy manner.

Work takes priority but so does one’s health and in the grand scheme of things, health trumps work. Ask yourself, can work survive if I’m not healthy? ‘‘Can you survive if you’re not healthy?




– aim for a healthier work/ life balance. This might only require a small change like scheduling times to step outside for a walk as opposed to sitting at the desk for eight hours straight.

– be proactive and create work fitness groups. This can even lead to gyms giving your group discounts at their establishments and you’d be surprised the power of the collective for accountability when it comes to hitting health goals.


– Yet again plan ahead! Understand your hours and fit in some form of exercise around this. Elitebox have effective 30 minute sessions throughout the day.




It is a common misheld fear that working out after being away for so long will be the end of you.

The fact that gaining fitness takes much more effort than it is to lose fitness is a testament to the old adage that “we do not say it will be easy, but we do say it will be worth it.”



– having a workout buddy can often lead to greater longevity as that is someone you can work towards your fitness goals with, as well as pick each other up on those days when, quite frankly, motivation is lacking .

– joining group classes can be an excellent kickstart to your workout lifestyle as these are led by coaches and the energy from a group class such as the ones offered at Elitebox is unequivocally contagious, so the benefits of these can often be seen with the camaraderie it builds. Nobody wants to let a teammate down.



For some, spending X amount on training at various establishments can take its toll on your bank account, considering school fees, house maintenance, car maintenance, social life, etc, it can be a stretch especially if it’s not your passion or priority.



– thankfully walking outside or running outside is free of charge!

-utilise free platforms like your local bridge or yourneighbourhood if it’s safe.

There are also so many instructional videos on YouTube and social media to keep you going, free of charge.


– Ultimately, there are a plethora of ways to keep fit on a budget and Elitebox has a variety of class packages for all budget sizes as well as instructional videos that you can a variety for access for free.

Overall, the trend you’ll notice is you must get organised, anticipate all the setbacks you’ll encounter and have an answer for each one in advance

Be proactive and less reactive that way you’ll certainly get fit and stay fit.



Rehia is the Founder and Head Coach at Elitebox . For more information visit eliteboxng.com and follow them on

instagram: @eliteboxfitness

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