Real-Life Princesses

Who has not dreamt of being a Disney princess for a day at one point in their lives? The happily ever after, the perfect dress, the perfect make up and your very own prince charming. But Aye! we don’t get to have it all.

Here are 5 girls who did it right, i was almost convinced:

  • Olayinka Mia Noel, a model and singer dressed up as princess jasmine for halloween and definitely killed it

  • @queenofluna used her hijab and amazing makeup skill to get the look of Aerial the mermaid. She killed it!

  • This gorgeous model giving us Pocahontas realness
  • @queenluna again showing off her wonderful skills transforming into Cruella De Vil

  • Anne Hathaway would definitely have made an amazing choice for Belle in the movie “Beauty and the Beast


Who says we can’t all be princesses with a little make up !

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