Outgoing. Confident. The life of the party. If none of these describe you, making friends might be a bit of an uphill battle. How do you make lasting friendships when you aren’t even inclined to talk to people? It is said that about half of people are introverts. And most people have some friends,  so being an introvert isn’t a sentence to friendless life. How do you go about making friends as an introvert?

1. Go online: Yes, we said it. Most people are a lot more confident online, and so it’s easier to approach people when you’re not doing it face to face. Be active on social media and don’t be afraid to start a conversation.  People have met their spouses on social media and so friends can also be found.


2. Open yourself up to conversation: being an introvert, you might not be very enthusiastic to speak to people,  but communication is how relationships are made. If a person strikes up a conversation while waiting in line with you at a store, respond in a friendly manner. If someone makes a joke while you’re out and about, respond. Encouraging a flow of communication is guaranteed to gain you some new relationships.


3. Make friends in your immediate space: the easiest places to make friends are school, work, your place of worship and your local community. Start there. There might be a lot of people you’d probably get along with that you haven’t had much interaction with.

4. Smile: smiling not only makes you look more attractive but makes you more approachable.  The combination of both is sure to make it easier for you to meet people and develop friendships.


5. Go somewhere new: your immediate environment is a great place to make friends, but so is stepping outside your comfort zone. Go to a different supermarket, cinema, restaurant or spa. By putting yourself out there in new places, you widen your potential fronds circle and open your self up to a world of opportunity.

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