You know way too much about?
2Pac. He was supposed to be my husband.

Earliest childhood memory?

Going with my father to the hospital. Mother had just given birth to lil sis. I think I asked my mum to take her back to the hospital and leave her there or something. NOT PROUD OF THAT.

Most interesting person you know
My younger sister. Very intriguing lady.

Pet Peeve?
Being ignored on purpose

You’re the go to girl for?
Food, food & more food!

Love is?

You would never date?
Someone that doesn’t believe in God.

Career highs?
Hosting a very popular morning show every weekday. I’ll always be proud of that. Also meeting Mary J Blige, 2 Face, Jay Z, Beyoncé etc.

If you weren’t a creative?
I would own a restaurant. I love making people feel happy with food.

Your life as a style mood board?
Eccentric, multi-coloured and slightly

Favourite shopping buddy

Mate, I want to shop alone. Lol

Celebrities that get it right all the time? Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Genevieve Nnaji, Zendaya

Fashion Icon

Perfect look to transcend day and night?
A fitted LBD. Preferably black.

Life is better with?

Being dishonest

Favourite tv shows?
Moesha, Mom, The Wire, news programmes & documentaries

Best character on TV?
Stringer Bell from The Wire. He was both sexy & scheming. I guess these attributes played a huge part in his downfall

You would love to visit?
The Caribbean

Making food my number 1 priority in
life. I can’t always fit into the clothes I want to wear.

Best way to get out of anawkward situation?
Say “I’ll get back to you” or I’ll call you back”

If you could take any three people on a date with you?
My sister Dami and my friend’s Nicole & Karen

Fashion Mantra?
Do you, it’s your money!

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