Entrepreneurs and graduates are being offered a chance to a career in the luxury car industry by a businessman who worked his way up from Detailing vehicles to a successful empire.

Gideon King, who started on the tough streets of London, wants to offer chances to youngsters keen on breaking away from corrosive youth cultures and help them with skills to create employment.

The british born Nigerian whose customers include sports and entertainment stars and Middle Eastern Royal families continues to earn the support of business men across Africa in order to create skills in car detailing with its carefully selected team of global elite trainers, the trade that transforms vehicles into gleaming showroom models.

“I started off very modestly but worked hard and had good family guidance,” says King, who was brought up in Canning Town, east London, and is now the owner of the Mayvinci; a product development company that specialises in car, yacht and jet detailing solutions.

Mayvinci has over 70 accredited centres around the world.

“I know how tough it can be to get employment and there are loads of youths who only needs a fair chance to prove that they can make something out of their lives.
“The training scheme will teach them skills they can use to build a successful future.”

The scheme, based in Lagos and Abuja in the second quarter of the year, aims to train more than one thousand successful applicants in a year with his team of specialists who will be coming in to Nigeria in what he hopes to be a life changing initiative for Africa.

King is keen on using the example of how hard work, dedication and discipline has taken him towards his goal of building an empire and showcasing luxury cars.

His company now regularly looks after cars valued at more than £2million, £5 million yachts or £10 million private jets owned by a global clientele.
“I will never forget where I came from and I want to show kids who are living in Nigeria that they can make something with hard work and little bit of guidance,” adds King. “It is sad to see so much life and positivity being pulled down by lack of opportunity and the lure of gangs.
“The youths of Nigeria and all over the country, deserve the chance to improve their lives and find themselves. I’m determined to help them get there.”

Gideon King can be reached on Instagram via;
@ayanmoking @mayvinci and email; Info@mayvinci.com

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