My fuzzy-faced friends – this is for you. Having a full grown and luscious beard is now a thing. It’s no secret that men with beards tend to be deemed as more attractive. I think the large majority of us ladies are in agreement with this. Guys with beards just make us tingly!

Girl trends are always changing. What’s popular now may not be popular at all even a few months from now. However, male trends stick around for a lot longer. In the case of beards trending, I, and many women out there, are very, very grateful.

The study, co-authored by Glasgow University’s Dr Anthony Lee and St Andrew’s Sean Talamas, found that a beard could compensate for smaller features.

They said: ‘We found that bearded faces in which the jaw size was manipulated to appear less prominent were judged as most attractive, followed by bearded faces and clean-shaven faces with larger jaws.”

A survey of 8000 people was done – with half of them being men, to answer the question Are Men with Beards more attractive? . You most likely can guess the answer already, Every single person said yes – hard to believe right?

The study in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior concluded: ‘Attractiveness ratings were highest for bearded faces with smaller jaws followed by bearded and clean- shaven faces with larger jaws and lowest for clean-shaven faces with small jaws.’


I can personally say i love me a bearded man. People just love to look at a man with a beard. Are you one of them?

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