There she sat, silently sobbing. I looked at her and thought; “ What an elegant and beautiful lady.” She looked familiar, then it hit me; she is an International Model with a career that is growing in leaps and bounds. Why the tears though? I remember how as a child my mum would stop my tears from flowing by reminding me that beautiful girls don’t cry!It always worked. Why was this beautiful girl crying? I asked myself. I reached out and gently touched her shoulder; I know the beauty of a touch even when words are unspoken. She smiled wryly and the tears ceased momentarily. Then she cried again. It was an emotional moment for her. I later understood that she was battling a health issue known as endometriosis and had suffered a crisis early in the day, prior to the dinner where she was named an Ambassador for Endometriosis. Sadly, she was in the throes of this very debilitating gynecological health issue which she describes as a nightmare.

Three years later, Millen Magese, beautiful Tanzanian model defies Endometriosis to become a mum and agrees to an Exclusive Interview with Genevieve. Guess who her interviewer is? Me! Apparently, she remembers me from our last encounter. Unlike the last time, the circumstance of this meeting is auspicious and more joyous! Inspite of discouraging statistics about women with endometriosis’ chances of winning the battle against infertility, Millen is a mother! It’s celebration time in the life of this amazing woman who is bringing hope to others like her… AND THEN CAME BABY is a story of the audacity of Hope and Millen’s immense courage…

Congrats on the birth of Prince Kairo! This is a huge
testimony considering that women with Endometriosis condition often have to contend with infertility as well What was that moment like when you knew you were
finally going to be a mum!!

Oh my God! What a feeling! I can’t even begin to describe the feeling. IVF
is really a very long journey requiring faith, patience and a lot of support!
How do I capture the ups and downs, the injections, the wait and the
expenses? IVF is very costly and that’s very unfair to many women whose
only option is IVF but can’t afford the treatment. We waited for a long
time for the egg retrieval and then the transfer. After that, my partner and
I had to wait 10 more days to become pregnant. The pressure was high; I
was afraid because before this time I had lost several other pregnancies.
I didn’t think I could survive another loss. I prayed and prayed and
avoided stressful situations and tried to stay positive. When on Day 10
I took a pregnancy test and found I was pregnant I was over joyed. I
couldn’t believe it. I cried! But unlike at other times, theses were tears of
joy! I felt like telling the world but I had to restrain myself. I didn’t want to
announce it because I had lost too many pregnancies already. I kept it a
secret until a week after my son was born. I only released my maternity
shoot after my son was born. I can’t describe the feeling that moment I
held my son in my hands.


I remember trying to console you three years ago at an
Endometriosis dinner in Lagos where you were named
Ambassador. You cried non stop that night..

The pain was too deep as I listened to Miss Nike Oshinowo share her
painful battle with Endometriosis. I could relate with her pain; her journey was similar to mine and I couldn’t stop crying. It was very traumatic for me especially as early in the day I had gone through so much because as soon as I landed in Lagos I was admitted into a hospital. I was on admission until a few hours before the dinner. So, you can imagine my
state of mind. It was a roller coaster of emotions. I couldn’t hold back
the tears. I remember you reaching out to me that night. Thank you.

We have heard so much about Endometriosis and its
twin; infertility! What is it really like to suffer from

There’s only one word to describe it! NIGHTMARE! You hardly have a life. You can’t plan anything because of the pain that never goes away. You
saw how broken I was during a video call with you in the course of this
cover and interview. I had had a long day of photo shoot and I needed to
send you answers for the cover interview to meet the deadline. The week
had also been very challenging and stressful. I couldn’t deal with it all
and I just broke down and cried.


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