When I finally began my journey of emotional healing, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My muscles got loose, my chest could heave slowly. My breathing was better , as was my capacity for feeling things in a truly heartfelt way.

Then I started the practice of mindfulness and begun what has turned out to be a life-changing journey — to learn to live life from an openly – not revisiting old wounds.

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Here are some ways to let go of old wounds and live again.

1. Get super silly!

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Be that child you once were, before the world told you who to be. Play your favorite music and dance. Sing in the shower. Bathe naked in the rain. Laugh more, over the silliest things.

When I decided to stop being unnecessarily serious and live, my inner little girl danced. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t stopped singing, and dancing and playing and laughing since that moment.

2. Practice more compassion than you know what to do with.

As my yoga practice deepened, so did my capacity for compassion. And I’m not just talking about feeling for those around me, but also for myself. Many of us don’t realize it, but compassion is really about acceptance, and about making space for our assumptions and judgments to just be, rather than to take hold of our emotions and ways of thinking.

3. Consciously breathe out unworthy thoughts.

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Spend some time each day consciously breathing. As you feel each inhale and exhale, don’t just “focus on the breath,” as we are often taught to do. Make sure to direct attention to your heart center itself, as if all of your energy were resting there. Then listen. This is one of the first and most powerful things to do as you begin this journey. Through being mindful of my heart, I began to recognize old energy patterns, create space for new ones and rewire my thoughts and behaviors.

4. Always remember that gratitude isn’t just a word.

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As I became more present and committed to letting go of old wounds, I began to experience gratitude in a much deeper way. Gratitude has a powerful way of shifting our energy and bringing warmth into our heart and this radiates all through us.

Sometimes, paying attention to what we’re grateful for seems boring or like a chore but if we make the conscious effort simply to pay attention to our lives in a certain way, it would do a world of good.

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