What if there’s a comfort revolution for your period and you’ll never experience leakage and irritation ever again?


Molped Nigeria has announced the launch of its global digital campaign in Nigeria with the aim of highlighting the success stories of women and how Molped plays a key role in their everyday lives.

“The Molped woman is a success story. She is active, loves fashion and is confident enough to be herself in every room because of the revolutionary comfort Molped gives her. The #MolpedComfortRevolution digital campaign highlights the day-to-day lives of women and the level of comfort the Molped woman enjoys. Molped caters to different needs of women with its sanitary pads range offering up to 100% no leakage and no irritation and its recently launched Pantyliners for everyday protection. There have been several positive reviews on Molped Pantyliners since launch and we are excited that there is a wide range of Molped for whatever time of the month. Our goal is to get everywoman to rewrite their story by experiencing comfort and everyday protection with Molped Roseline Abaraonye, Marketing Manager, Hayat Kimya Nigeria.

Have you tried Molped and experienced revolutionary comfort? Tell us how you rewrite your story without worry of leakage or irritation, by sharing your story with the #Molpedcomfortrevolution campaign on our social channels and stand a chance to win amazing prices.


The Molped sanitary pads and pantyliners can be purchased in any supermarket near you. For more information follow @Molpednigeria on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


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