In our society mental health still remains shrouded in stigma and tends to be a taboo subject; we don’t like to acknowledge it, and would rather sweep it under the carpet; indeed people’ state of mind is often relegated to the
back ground and we all try to keep up appearances no matter what is going on inside. Ignoring mental health is very dangerous as theover all wellbeing of our lives is affected.Many Nigerians are facing financial
distress, which if not addressed proactively, can have a serious impact on their state of mind. There are signs that one should look out for that must be addressed before they become chronic and put you in danger of stress related
illnesses. Unfortunately in extreme cases, financial distress if not addresses, can lead to suicide.


Irritability, loss of temper, aggression
Feeling lethargic and unwell with general malaise.
Difficulty sleeping or insomnia
Worry and feelings of fear and anxiety
Arguing with loved ones over money
Alcohol and drug abuse
High blood pressure
Desperation and crime
Depression, despondency
Strokes and Heart attacks

Ask yourself these questions:

•Are you unable to pay your important bills
on time and constantly seek extensions?
•Are you missing your credit card payments
•Do you have to cut back on basic
necessities including even food?
•Are you living on borrowed funds from
friends and family?
•Have you received letters from lenders
claiming legal action on your default?
•Do you fear eviction because you can’t
afford to pay your overdue rent?
•Is your only car about to be repossessed
because you have fallen behind on lease

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