I am one of those people who toe the grey line when it comes to whether or not I am a morning person. Sometimes, I wake up excited about life. But most days (like today), I wake up disoriented and confused about life in general. Like, “Why am I not in some garden right now with my only worry being how to climb a tree to get food for the day?!”

On days like this, morning rituals are the only things that help me get through the morning and the entire day. I will be listing some morning rituals to help you start and get through your day, in case you are like me or you just woke on the wrong side today.

  • Pray

The calming power of prayers is something I can not begin to explain or talk about today. But, if you are a praying person, try praying on days when you wake up tired to begin the day. It helps.

  • Dance To Your Favourite Playlist

Music is another thing that has strong powers to wake every tired cell in my body. Lots of people have said so about music too so try dancing on your bed for an excellent start to your day.

  • Exercise

Exercising early in the morning offers numerous benefits, both to your health and to your daily schedule. Yes, you will have to be disciplined about it. And yes, you have to be focused on achieving an effective workout, not just go through the paces in a zombie-like state. It just takes a little time and practice before morning exercise becomes your habit

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