Ever wondered how those ladies that seem to have a to-do list that goes miles long and are always on the move do it every single day without missing a beat and losing their minds like the rest of us do it? Wonder no more. Here is a list of things that they always have in their bags to help them get through the day.


First things first: coffee. It is always a priority. They plan their schedules to allow them to have their meetings in or around a coffee shop if they need to. Some are so particular about their coffee that they carry their own reusable mugs with them everywhere.


The last thing a typical lady on-the-go wants to contend with is low phone batteries. So the portable chargers are a staple part of their bag content.


You know when your makeup begins to melt off and you’re left with an oily, blotchy face? Meet the power couple: a mini brush and a powder for instant touch-ups.


Face wipes can be used for just about anything: from repairing makeup that is melting off to lashes that are getting clumpy. You can use a face wipe to remove just some of the makeup so you can touch it up, it works much better than piling on more product on top. If you get a little sweaty, you can also use them under your arms or behind your neck for those hotter days.


Now you know why they are able to ‘do it all’ without worrying about lunch breaks? Packing a bunch of snacks in their bags is the ultimate trick that is easily the best thing to happen to them since sliced bread.

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