“If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse”

– Jim Rohn

That statement embodies the successful and established publisher and founder of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor who needs little to no introduction. Fondly known as “Aunty Betty” by everyone that encounters her, She has shown us the reward of hard work and dedication. Always breaking barriers and reaching new heights despite obstacles she faced, She is finally releasing the well anticipated Life Lessons giving us an insight into her struggles and how she overcame them premiering on September 15, 2017. You don’t have to take our word for it, here is a brief statement from Aunty Betty herself

I learnt early in life that it is not only our own actions that could change the course of our lives but that we sometimes have to bear the brunt of actions/choices made by others.

One minute I had it all the “ideal model” family-father mother, siblings and the next, I was, in words of one of my teachers ” the precocious daughter of a single mother”. She spat the words “single mother” at me in the most distasteful way that left me with no doubt that it was a type of stigma. And  the slightest mis-demeanor on my part  was alluded to the fact that I was a child of a single parent. That was when I figured out  that being raised by one parent was unacceptable by society and I was supposed to apologize for that. I refused to apologise because my mum was not a single mum she was a phenomenal woman.

At 11, I had my first major encounter with FAILURE.. the unthinkable happened. I flunk a class. I was asked to repeat form 3.WOE WOE WOE. I couldn’t process that; i only understood that to mean I wasn’t smart, I was daft, I was inferior to my classmates who passed in flying colours. i internalized that set back and defined my life by it……..it was my first baptism of failure but I survived it.

Low self esteem was a battle that I never imagined I would overcome. I didn’t know what to name it but it manifested in a sense of inadequacy, a feeling of not being good enough. i focused on my slight and nearly invincible line on either cheek – I magnified them. i hated my legs, my button nose, and pretty much compared myself to poet Chauser’s description of the monk who was as thin as a rake. in short, I was unpretty; never mind that i was a celebrated hurdler, a fine student of poetry and drama.

As a young adult- comfort zone was my preferred place…. nobody goes wrong or fails in a comfort zone.

I carried my insecurities on my back like a hunch, and in my 20s I literally had no ambition. I went to university because it was expected of me not because I had any ambition to become anything or anyone – I was happy to let life happen to me. I had too many fears/ demons to fight and I wasn’t ready for that…I let the demons gain upper hand. I was afraid of public speaking; so I turned down opporunities to speak. My family was my rock but not even they could talk me out of my insecurities. Most of the time I thrived on external validation; that was how I could feel good about myself.

Inspite of my insecurities, I started Genevieve. I am still tryig to figure out what gave me that audacity..  Oh the demons still lurk around-and even newer demons have come on board….you know what they say about new levels new devils?

Life has dealt me some nasty blows; one night in the throes of depression I tried to end it all.  But Mercy said NO.

Grace has brought me thus far and that’s the story that my life’s lessons are about…these are the stories i am sharing, these are my behind the scenes… Unfiltered…

They are stories of conquests, failures, success, gains, losses, highs, lows, my strength, my weaknesses, letting go, choosing my battles, facing my fears instead of running away from them. These are my lifelessons…..I choose to grow through everything I have gone through.

Live to learn learn to live.

-Betty Irabor

We will be giving 5 people the opportunity to win VIP invitations to the premiere on September 15,2017 screening at IMAX. Stay tuned to know how you can get in on it!

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