Social distancing and self isolating as necessary responses to the pandemic that is COVID-19 has meant that most of us have found ourselves stuck at home 24/7 with more free time on our hands.

After spending the past couple of weeks being cooped up indoors, snacking on all your favourite foods, getting much needed rest, reading the books that you hadn’t gotten round to before this period, and watching your favourite tv shows and movies, you’re probably trying to figure out what else there is to do. 

But fret not, there’s definitely a lot of great stuff left to watch that you may not have seen yet and you most likely want to watch lighthearted, feel-good movies to lift up your spirits and get you feeling happier during these times. And if you’re not a movie buff and you’re thinking of where to start, Netflix is definitely a great place to do so.

Here’s a list of 10 feel-good movies to watch on Netflix right now.


Crazy People

A comic thriller starring Nollywood veteran, Ramsey Nouah who sets out on a journey to find the person who’s been impersonating him. After a year long hiatus from Nollywood, he enlists the help of his manager, played by Chioma ‘Chigul’ Omeruah to track down his impersonator. The result is a whirlwind adventure bound to keep you heartily entertained from start to finish.


Lagos Real Fake Life

With a star-studded cast, this knee-slapping comedy delves into the realities and deceptive lifestyles of a number of Lagos residents. It cuts across cultures and classes, depicting a hilarious ensemble of characters played by some of our nollywood favourites including Odunlade Adekola, Mike Ezuruonye and Mercy Aigbe, just to name a few. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more thrilling cast.


Potato Potahto

How could living in the same house with your ex-partner ever go wrong? A couple decide to continue living together in the same house after their divorce. They split the house into two halves, trying to co-exist without getting on each other’s toes but they come to find that this is not as easy as they intended. This movie tackles the topic of divorce in a lighthearted, amusing way that’ll put you in a great mood. 


Catching Feelings

Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, a professor and his wife find their lives turned upside down, with their marriage heading down a rocky path, when an acclaimed author with a debaucherous lifestyle enters their world and influences their way of living. It’s a great, quirky but dark rom-com which navigates real life issues while simultaneously leaving you with a good laugh.



Comedian, Kunle Idowu popularly known as Frank Donga, stuns as Akande in this tale of a young, unemployed graduate who moves from Lagos to Kaduna in search of a more fulfilling and rewarding life. The film follows the protagonist on his journey to self discovery as he deals with all the challenges stemming from his reality. It’s a seamless blend of real life issues and comic relief that will equally move and delight you.



Mokalik centers on the story of a young boy from a middle-class background who’s made to work as an apprentice at a mechanic’s workshop. At some point, he is forced to make a choice on what he wants to do with his life in the long term. Focused on life in the informal sector, this movie will have you captivated by the interesting characters and moving story.



Four young men find themselves in a world of chaos and trouble when one of them borrows and inadvertently crashes his uncle’s car after they embark on a joyride around the neighbourhood. They resort to all sorts of schemes as a means of raising money to fix the car. It’s a movie with an authentic and refreshing perspective and you’re definitely in for a few good belly laughs.


Baby Mamas

This drama/comedy follows the lives of four women who find solace in their friendship with one another as they navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy, motherhood and romantic relationships. The movie does a good job of championing the power of a loving sisterhood and female friendships. In other words, it’s a good glass of wine and a great chat with your girls in the form of a feel-good movie.


When Love Happens

Mo is a successful events and wedding planner who ironically, is very unlucky in love. She reaches her tipping point when a friend get engaged and she’s given the job of planning her wedding. In a bid to improve her love life, she ventures into the world of online dating while vlogging her journey. We’re carried along on an often humorous ride as Mo searches for the man of her dreams.



An enthralling story of love and a beaming light on the inadequacy of the Ghanaian rail system in the 1980s, Keteke is about a couple, Boi and his pregnant wife, Atswei who miss the weekly train to Akete with the purpose of having their baby. They find themselves embarking on a precarious adventure as they end up in the middle of nowhere. This film will have you contemplating on serious issues with a laugh hidden at every corner.



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