In a data-driven study looking at female achievements and gender equality in 100 countries, by a digital bank, N26, and conducted by Sweet Spot PR, Nigeria ranks 97th.

-Oma Ehiri

nigeria ranks 97th in the female opportunity index 2021 by N26

The report, which measured female opportunity and achievement around the world, considered the level of advancement in equality and career opportunity for women in 100 countries, focusing on political and corporate leadership, gender wage gaps, legal support, maternity leave and more.


To establish the level of gender parity in leadership as well as determine what countries encouraged female leadership and opportunities, the study considered the number of years a country has been governed by a woman since 1970, the total number of women in government today, the number of women in managerial positions and the number of female entrepreneurs.

Education and Workplace:

Next was a spotlight on typically male-dominated fields like the STEM industry, collating data on the number of women who not only studied courses in these fields but who were practising in that field.  Equal pay has become a global issue that needs to be investigated and this study shed more light on that. It looked at the average salaries of women in the industry and delved into the number of days women typically work for free due to the gender wage gap. The study also did an overall analysis on female access to education.


There is the need to create an enabling environment for women to thrive which needs to be backed up by law. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the study investigated several laws such as a woman’s right to divorce, workplace discrimination laws, maternity leaves, and the country’s overall attitude when it comes to women starting a family.

Based on these indices, Nigeria ranked 97 out of 100 countries, a far cry from where we should be while Norway was number 1. Of the top 10 countries, there was no African country. The closest was Rwanda at number 60, South Africa at 61 and Namibia at 68. Other African countries that made the list include, Kenya at 80, Uganda at 83, Ethiopia at 87, Ghana at 88, Cameroun at 89, Tunisia at 90, Morocco at 91 and Algeria at 96.

After Nigeria, the three countries that round off the list were Jordan, Egypt, and Pakistan.

The country with the highest number of women in Government is Rwanda,

Sweden has the most women in management, whereas Nigeria sits at 57. For salary and gender wage gap, Nigeria ranks 54.

Perhaps the most disheartening of all is female access to education for which Nigeria comes least ranking at 100 out of 100 countries.

Source: N26

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