Nigerian-American actress, Yvonne Orji has made the cut for this year’s Create & Cultivate list of 100 women taking giant strides in different industries.

The Insecure actres was featured in the entertainment category of the empowering women list, which is in its second year.

According to Create & Cultivate,

“From comedy to drama, women have been making MAJOR waves strides… both behind + in front of the camera! We’re so honored to celebrate these women. Our second annual #CreateCultivate100list has arrived! ? isn’t just a number, it’s about being in this 100% together.✊️ It’s about 100 women, who inspire 100 more, who inspire 100 others who will change the world.? Each category honors 10 women who are finding new roads in the workplace and in the world. We’re thrilled to have partnered with Chevrolet to curate this powerful + empowering list of women”.

Orji in her interview revealed that she liked being a woman:

“There is strength and power in being a woman: we are smart, we are creative, and we are compassionate. Are there great women out there doing amazing things, with a guy coming in not doing anything extravagant and everyone thinks what he’s doing is amazing, but yet she has to prove herself? Yes, that does still exist and it does still suck, but not to the point where I want to be something other than an African immigrant black woman. No, no, no! I’ll take my portion, I like it.” 

Founders and CEOs, risk-taking entrepreneurs, authentic content creators, revolutionary wellness experts, record-breaking musicians and so many more women share wisdom and advice for the annual #CreateCultivate100 list in partnership with Chevrolet.

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