It is disgusting each day when I refresh my twitter and Facebook accounts and see endless complaints, advices and criticisms, levelled against the government of the day. These complaints come in form of pictures, memes, quotes and even laughable videos. The criticisms are endless and quite surprisingly even those that know little or nothing about governance write their own half-baked piece.

We should not get this wrong; there is nothing wrong in critiquing or taking a constructive overview on the performance of the government of the day, but it is wiser to take a stance and direct our energy towards righting the wrongs.

Most of these complaints when read or listened to are impressive, but good impression do not equal good solution; it leaves the problem unsolved. Over time, we have designed a mental blueprint on attacking government, criticizing their policies and labelling them all sorts; but the sad part is that we dwell too much on it which in turn shapes our reasoning and go as far as allowing us turn a blind eye to good policies that would benefit the citizenry. According to Francis Fukuyama, “the intensity of oppression by a government is directly proportional to the appreciation of that government by the citizens”. That stands as a fact.

Now, let us try to stop the moaning and act at once. Act according to your conscience and how the situation has played out for you. If children can give excuses at any given opportunity, Adults should do it differently by being the bush meat that hunts the hunter. How many more excuses are we really going to give and how many more advices are we going to profer that leads to no where. You can’t keep doing the same thing all time and expect a different result; it’s about time we change our tactics and be more strategic with our approach for the much desired change that we crave for.

Let’s take the Bull by the horn; taking the Bull by the horn is acting to create a change. If our problem is bad leadership, then we should go all out to vote our choice Leader in the coming general elections; but don’t forget this is only possible if you register for your Permanent Voters Card (PVC). Taking the bull by the horn also means being responsible for your action and being a law abiding citizen.

It doesn’t start and end on Twitter: it starts with responsibility to one’s self; responsibility to the nation and a greater responsibility to invoke a change. If we all want that “change” that we so desire, we must complain less and take the bull by the horn in the scheme of things! Shalom.

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