While some of us can feel confident that a box of chocolates is more than enough to acknowledge the occasion, for the rest of us, Valentine’s Day can mean a lot more.

It is not that we’re not necessarily knocking flowers and boxes of chocolate from your Valentine gift options— it’s just that we have done this so many times before. To keep the spark and excitement in the gift-giving area of your love life, we’ve curated a list of presents that your partner probably wouldn’t even think to ask for but will go one-hundred percent crazy for.

Whether you’ve been together for years or you just started dating and haven’t yet taken the relationship a step further, this is your chance to show them you care.

Unlike women, it’s not easy choosing gifts for men and most people have stuck to the underwear tradition for many years.

Here are some unique options to consider.  just as unique as your relationship.

1. Wristwatches

You can almost not go wrong with wristwatches. Whether leather or chain, watches are very useful gifts. Infuse your touch by getting it customised. All you have to do is get one that suits your partner’s  preference.

2. Headsets

If he/she loves music, then these would be perfect. It is also not a very common gift and one they’d love. You can go an extra mile by also making it customised.

3. Sportswear

He doesn’t have to be a fitness freak or a sportsman before you get him these. Most guys make this their ‘comfy outfit’ at home. It better anyway than the usual underwear wear ladies give men. Anyway, ladies would appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift too.

4. Customised mug

This would be a very lovely gift especially if you inscribe a romantic message on it. You may think gifts like these don’t matter to people, but trust me, they will be glad you thought outside the box.

5. Cufflink and a case

Cufflinks are small objects that can get lost easily. Give him a case along with a cufflinks case to make sure he doesn’t lose it.

6. Books


If your partner is a reader, you will be spot on by buying them a book from the writer or genre he/she loves. You should know their favourite authors before doing this though.

7. Video games

No man on this planet can say that he does not love playing video games. Not only will he appreciate this gift, but his friends will also love you for this. No doubt about this.


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