Fight all you want and argue seamlessly about the idea of women being involved in the political process, you would realize that their absence at the helm of affairs have led to the stunted growth of great nations.

Women rights

Women have been relegated too often, and their willpower, optimism and selflessness which is a natural trait inbuilt in them by God is often left untapped. For every great and peaceful family, there is a good woman behind it. A woman naturally spur progress and would fight on all fronts to be heard.

John Legend

In this world dominated by men, women find it difficult to function because her abilities are constantly being undermined by the selfish man who has nothing but ego.

Women have never failed where men failed; their hunger to strive on in the face of difficulties and impossibilities is usually intense and enviable. They keep pushing, regardless of the situation and could confront their challenges with anger and rage. Such is their nature, they never want to be referred to as perennial failures or blamed for a failing or two, that’s why they give their all to preserve their name and keep their records untainted.

Nelson Mandela

How many times have we allowed a woman at the helm of affairs either in public service or other areas? How many have failed? That cliche “what a man can do, a woman can do better” isn’t just an everyday rhyme for nursery pupils, it is a fact that have been proven over the years, even though men laugh it off and yet refuse to be selfless like the woman.

In the words of the great M. Ali Jinnah “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless women are side by side with men”. Now we begin to ask the question why men refuse such equality, they’re obviously scared that the woman’s innate ability would always give her the opportunity to soar higher and probably relegate the men.

If all women can take this psychological fight to heart, it will become the true thinking for the woman power. These thought can invariably make women believe that men are “less than” and not “side by side” with women because men have been tested and have failed woefully. Any culture that cannot pass the test of equality and fairness to women will eventually collapse.

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