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All the nocturnal people gather around. We have news that will be very useful to you.
In a recently published article, scientists say that people who stay up late into the night are more susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes, metabolic conditions and Heart disease. The scientists also stated that exposure to artificial light sources can also misalign our sleeping patterns.
They gave a number of convincing reasons why this might actually be true.
We can attest to the fact that modern life is often very hectic which in turn disturbs eating and sleeping patterns.
These disruptions can alter cyclical metabolic processes, such as glucose control, lipid metabolism, and blood pressure, later resulting to the diseases stated above.

The team found that individuals who went to bed later tended to have less healthful eating patterns. For instance, they generally ate later in the day, at less regular times, and they consumed more alcohol, sugar, and caffeinated products than earlier risers. Night crawlers were also more likely to skip breakfast.

In addition, people who sleep late were likelier to consume fewer vegetables and grains. They also ate less often but had bigger meals.

This eating pattern may explain the finding that nocturnals had an increased risk of heart disease and metabolic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes.

Sleep in good time, do not skip breakfast and remember, vegetables are great for the body!

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