Following the success of LuLu Lingerie, Nigeria’s first innerwear store for wholesale distribution and retailing of multi-brand underwear, sleepwear, and intimate apparel for men, women and children, Oluchi Orlandi has ventured into a new terrain with the launch of LuLu Panty Liners and LuLu Pads, these products are under the LuLu Personal Care portfolio.

The vision is to provide young girls and women with a partner they can trust, that understands them, a product that is made by a woman for women to keep them feeling fresh, “oops” free and confident.

And in case you were asking…

Are LuLu Pads and Panty Liners comfortable?

Yes they are, because both liners and pads are made with soft breathable cotton, the pads have wings to keep you secure

Are LuLu Pads and Panty Liners absorbent?

Yes, and limits the odors from oops moments

Do they protect me from stain?

Yes, triple protection against leakages

In a recent Op-ed piece titled “I Am Woman”, Oluchi mentions the menstrual cycle as part of  a woman’s superpower, but also acknowledges the vulnerability women feel when it occurs for the first time.  She writes:

“The menstrual cycle is where it all really begins for the average woman. You suddenly have so much more to worry about: Is something wrong with me?, Why am I bleeding?, Am I going to get pregnant if I sit close to a boy?, Do I smell when I’m on my period?, Will boys still like me?, Am I still pretty with all this acne on my face?, Should I leave the house when I get my period?, Am I going to get stained? The questions and concerns may change as you mature but some of them never go away. I have realized that if not handled properly by mothers, parents and care-givers, a young woman may suffer irreparable self esteem issues around the time that she starts to have menstrual cycles. My advice? Let’s teach our young girls about what truly matters. Let us let them know that they are not alone. Taking over the world, sitting at the table, smashing glass ceilings and all of that is critical for them to see and know – but also teaching them to understand their uniqueness in its simplicity and entirety are lessons that we must also teach them.”

LuLu Pads and Panty Liners are more than just products that allow women to be their best selves at all times, it is about giving room to conversations surrounding femininity, building confidence,  going on a journey of discovery together with young girls who are just coming into their own and also with older women who are in search of a larger purpose. Creating a safe space for our many voices as women, and to celebrate the woman for her many superpowers even the ones we are yet to acknowledge!

We are so excited to be on this journey, and look forward to the many women we will encounter along the way!

You can shop LuLu Panty Liners and LuLu Pads from any Shoprite or LuLu Lingerie store near you or visit

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