At a national discourse on “Contemporary Governance in Nigeria,” the party’s national chairman Uche Secondus tendered the apology.

The party has made several mistakes, he said, and has learned from it, unlike the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). He said:

I hereby, as the National Chairman, do admit that the PDP made a lot of mistakes; we are humans, not spirits and the ability to admit is key in moving forward.

We admit that we have made several mistakes; we have passed through all our challenges and have acquired the experience no other party can boast of.

We were sanctioned by Nigerians at the polls in 2015; let me use this opportunity to apologise for our past mistakes.

It is the honest thing to do, a legacy to transfer to our children; we cannot continue like that.

When we make mistakes, we should come out boldly to the people and apologise.

It is important to do so because we have learnt from our mistakes unlike the All Progressive Congress (APC) that will make mistakes and lie to cover it.

We apologise to Nigerians that we have made mistakes, we have learnt our lessons and we are ready to begin on a new agenda; experience is the best teacher, no other party has it.

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