It is a known fact that makeup enhances our look, making us feel pretty. However, frequent application of so much makeup can be really harsh for the skin. This and a plethora of things like pollution, the harsh rays of the sun, dehydration, poor diet, hormonal factors and stress makes it extremely important to have good skin care after-makeup routine.

Frequent application of makeup in multiple layers on our face can clog up our pores and cause a host of skin problems like acne, pimples, blackheads, hyper pigmentation and what not. Hence, a skin care routine is exceptionally important for people who use a lot of makeup every day. It is actually not advisable to use so much makeup on a regular basis. But, if you follow a good skin care routine along with using makeup, it shouldn’t cause damage to the skin.

Another factor to keep in mind is to make sure you pick the right kind of makeup. Make sure you stick to trusted brands with good and skin friendly products like Zaron. Nevertheless, follow these tips to ensure that your skin stays damage free!

Makeup Removal: The importance of makeup removal can’t be over emphasized. Especially the oil based options. Do not by any means go to bed with makeup on, you want your skin to be able to breathe at night, yes? Use a makeup remover or makeup-removing wipes. There’s this amazing product called micellar water for cleansing the face that gently removes all traces of even the most stubborn makeup. It is like water with oil particles in it and it is perfect even to be used for extremely sensitive skin.

Cleansing: After removing the makeup, use a gentle face wash or cleanser to clean the face even further, key word being “gentle”. You should stick to one brand as changing isn’t healthy for your skin.

Face Mask: This step is optional but necessary. Apply a face mask to clean face and leave until dry before taking it off. Face masks helps to draw out impurities from skin, helps to hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. A mixture of Bentonite Clay, Honey, Tea Tree oil and rose water is a healthy option.

Toning: An astringent or a toner, advisably a natural one, should be used without fail after applying a face mask to bring back the natural pH level of the face and to close up the pores. Look for ingredients like witch hazel, which have skin-firming qualities. You could even use the simple rose water.

Moisturise: Moisturising makes so much of a difference! The right amount of moisture can actually delay the signs of ageing. Use a serum as a moisturiser or any basic oil-free moisturiser. Since it’s mostly night-time when you remove makeup, we’d suggest incorporating face oils into the routine. Go for a rosehip or vitamin E oil. Oils are deeply nourishing and they work to heal the skin overnight; and don’t worry, they won’t make the skin turn oily. You’d just wake up with glowing, supple skin.

So, follow these tips after a day of using a lot of makeup, and have no regrets!

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