The month of March remains a special month for all women across the world. Amidst the criticism the female gender have been made to face, a special day such as this one has been carved out to commend their heroics. Even as there are evident vulnerabilities attributed to them and the fact that the society have placed a psychological embargo on their dispositions, today asterisks the high point of their existence.
While basking in the euphoria of this special day, we should not forget the challenges these special creatures have to grapple with; especially in a society like ours where women’s right are being trampled upon.
One of these challenges is the pay-gap existing in companies especially as it relates to women. Women have been seen to receive less wages even when they deserve more and it is gradually sinking into the society as a norm. Why should work output be measured based on gender? Why not performance? This trend must stop.
Domestic Violence:
Another obvious and common challenge women have to deal with is the issue of domestic violence. Before now, we have
read on the pages of newspaper and seen in the News how men molest their wives. This has further extended to boyfriend/girlfriend relationships where a boy sees his girlfriend as a perfect sparring partner to improve his boxing skills. This act have left several women battered and mentally exhausted due to the psychological weight this act pulls on their being. Men must never abuse women. Although there is a huge consolation that this act is punishable by law.
A physically battered woman

Miyekko Durden-Bosney is a woman who is at the center of Seattle Police Department use-of-force investigation.

Women inclusion:
Women also have to be included in every aspect of the society. It shouldn’t be seen that certain specializations or fields be left for men alone. Women have to get involved strongly in politics. No profession is gender-tied and there should be no limit to what a woman can achieve as long as she is willing and raring to go.
Sexual Harrasment:
We have had to make known the dirge of sexual harassment against women. Women have been abused repeatedly, especially the cases of forceful incest and rape. Many women are living with mental scars that have refused to heal. We must use this day to re echo the voices of women that they’re not an object for sexual satisfaction; but rather they’re   part of the world.

Say no to sexual harassment

Cultural practices that inhibit women:
While rounding off this piece, I will also join the voices of the contemporary educated bunch that believe that cultural practices that inhibit women must be stopped at once. The female genital mutilation is a big issue that we have to tussle with over and over again. These uninformed fellows endlessly quote traditional unwritten scriptures, where their fore parents had upheld this practice for centuries. They believe this act reduces promiscuity for women forgetting that they engage in this practice with men and not a tree. Why are the genitals of men not mutilated in order to curb those excesses? No explanation! Women always bear the bulk of the blame. Child marriage and those awful practices of widowed women drinking the water of their late husbands corpse just to prove their innocence of having nothing to do with their death must also be discontinued. These barbaric practices are totally abhorred.
This day is dedicated solely to women, and they must see it as a grand opportunity to restructure their thought process and come out to take their rightful place in the scheme of things!
Happy International women’s day!

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