A bit of time to ourselves is essential to keep healthy and sane. When most people think of quiet time and getting away from it all, they tend to think of going away for a long holiday or a retreat.


However, these getaways are few and far in-between and the stress of everyday life can really pile on in between those times. This is why it is important to de-stress every day and have some time alone. It is beneficial for your mental health and gives the strength needed to get through the working day. Here are a few tips to get your quiet time every day.


  • Take Walks: Walks are a great way to get exercise and are also very calming. It can be a good time to reflect and get away from it all. You can take these walks in the evenings or early in the morning and even listen to calming music to ease your mind. The beauty of this is that you can get away from everything and have time to either rejuvenate yourself after a long day or prepare yourself for the day ahead.



  • Step away: Many people feel trapped in the cycle of everyday life and feel the need to get away from it all. There’s no need to wait for a vacation. Once a day or so, step away. This could be in your bathroom, your car or even just crawl under your covers. Allow yourself to calm down and don’t worry about the bustle of the day.


  • Treat Yourself: Small pleasures can make the difference between dreading your day and having something to look forward to. Have a small ice-cream cone once in a while (check out out oreo shake recipes!), listen to a favorite song in your car before you step out, put your feet up when you’re tired.

The stress of everyday life doesn’y have to get to you. There’s no need yo wait for a vacation every year. Take a few minutes everyday to rejuvenate and breathe.

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