Walking down memory lane and recalling the struggles of our heroes past in Nigeria, it is easy for one to be confined to the erroneous belief that our country has hit a snag and the wreckage is the result of our present governance. We can cry foul all we want about the failures of successive government and their unfavourable policies on the citizenry, but these cries remain mere cries because we only identify our weaknesses and dwell on them. There are myriad of questions we need to ask ourselves while we go down that line, but the answers are farfetched.

As much as the citizenry would blame both past and current government for a failing or two, Nigeria’s problem is hinged on “word of mouth” rather than “action”. Every nation of the world has challenges that are peculiar to them and it would be wrong to compare Nigeria with “first world countries” (since we’re only beginning a journey they have long started and built on integrity). We have collectively failed to address our problems but have rather spent time drooling on them; that attitude leaves a nation on standstill.

There is a price to pay for greatness and that requires fanning to flame our endless litany of suggestions of what can make Nigeria better as well as we acting like a set of people who really desire a change. We can’t cheat our compatriot and turn our fingers blaming the government for being untruthful about certain pressing issues. This idea must start from each individual and will eventually be transferred to everyone by no small means; and then it would inevitably become contagious and stick as an everyday norm. There are no perfect nations and we’re no exception.

Our political structure is weak and political positions are now a shortcut to quick and dirty wealth. Far from the focus, we must restructure our political system; conduct free and fair elections; give the people the power to choose their leader; develop a system where a non performing leader is shown the exit and then build a system that is devoid of nepotism. It is wrong to jump the gun and blame the country’s woe on leadership; the major problem is the process of electing leaders and then the mindset of the people that are confined with the thoughts of falling for the gimmick played by smart politicians who give them paltry sums and items to buy their vote. Naturally, anyone using material things to entice you in order to get your attention must have his integrity questioned.

Our prospective leaders must focus on explaining to the people succinctly how they’d transform the economy of the country and improve the life of the citizenry during their campaigns. They should in no measure churn out valuable analysis on how the process is going to take place from conception and conclusion; talking about policies that’ll be implemented along the line to aid this cause; strategy to achieve the cause and more importantly progress reports as it unfolds. These are the qualities of leadership. Likewise, we must also understand that a nation is only said to be good enough if leadership and followership are in sync. We must be prepared to be patient in the case of rebuilding and restructuring and cooperate maximally come what may.

Rebuilding our nation is not impossible; we must first rebuild our mindset.

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