In real life, love requires trust, space and respect and not obsession and manipulation. Many women are stuck in a relationship with a manipulative and controlling partner and they feel his behaviour is a sign of love and devotion.  Do not be deceived, this is absolutely untrue!

Here are some signs he is very controlling

1. He uses conditional sentences to make you feel inadequate.

In this case, every expression of love has a conditional phrase. Phrases like “I will love you so much more when you lose weight. “If you can’t help me out with my finances, then why are we in this relationship”. “You’d be beautiful to me if only you made more effort”. This clearly shows that he/she does not think you are good enough. This is one indication of a manipulative and controlling person.

2. Always monitors you

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When a partner monitors every step taken and demands to know everything – constantly snooping around, that partner is controlling. Checking call logs, e-mails and demanding explanation for everything is a sign that he has no trust in you. When you are in a relationship with a person who trusts you, you would understand that trust between partners is everything.

3. Isolating you from friends and family

They do not come on strong but rather do it subtly. This is a sign of a controlling person. They start commenting on how often you call your family or close friends and gradually it turns into complaints. They find reasons you should not spend time with your loved ones and slowly strip you of your support system. That way there is no one to lean on.

4. They make you miserable when things don’t go their way

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If you have a partner who always makes you feel like you are a problem just because you do not accept or do things their way, then you should do something about this. Not for anything should you be in a relationship with someone who cannot own up to his or her own mistakes and move past errors.


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