Global health and wellness brand, REVIV has announced the launch of its first ever clinic location in the heart of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria to cater to the fast-paced, high-energy lifestyles that are typical for Lagos residents.

Since launching their first elective hydration clinic in 2012 in Miami Beach, REVIV has quickly grown into the world’s leading provider of wellness therapies, delivering over 500,000 therapies to date and continually developing our products and services to offer customers the best wellness experience possible.

Following two successful launches in both South Africa and Ghana, REVIV has set their sight on the burgeoning city of Lagos, in an effort to make their services accessible to locals and tourists alike.

REVIV Lagos is said to offer top-of-the-range IV therapy, booster shots such as Hydromax, Vita glow, and the Royal flush IV, B12 shots, a natural energy booster and Megaboost infusions which aids jet lag and helps the immunity system. These shots all work in tandem to help repair and rejuvenate the body system. REVIV Lagos will be also offer services such DNA testing and vaccinations.

“With the current trend of staying fit and healthy, while feeding the body with nutrients that are essential for a better, healthier lifestyle, brands like REVIV are making a huge impact in global markets,” said Mrs. Sumbo Odunsi (CEO Reviv Lagos).

“The trend is certainly taking off in African markets, which is why we are so excited to be welcoming REVIV to Lagos, Nigeria. We are so excited to be welcoming this groundbreaking health and wellness, and we can’t wait to see what they do for Lagosian today.” concluded Mrs. Sumbo Odunsi.

Additionally, REVIV boasts injections that target a variety of wellness requirements, using Vitamins such as CoQ10+ which is said to aid cell growth, reduce the chances of heart failure and even argued to increase fertility.

Realizing that the IV therapies were the perfect match for anyone pushing themselves to the limits both physically and mentally, Reviv launched clinics in the world’s financial capitals of New York, London and Hong Kong.

With its arrival to Nigeria’s commercial capital- Lagos, the global leader in wellness IV therapies and vitamin injections, solidifies its promise of worldwide growth with the introduction of new flagship clinics and express partners.

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Our wellness journey began in 2011 when four emergency room physicians with a combined 40 years of clinical experience came together with a common thought: to bring IV therapies to a private spa-like setting and make them accessible and affordable for the mass population.


A year later in Miami Beach, USA, we launched our first clinic and pioneered the elective IV hydration industry by establishing the first exclusive IV medical spa in the world. The concept was simple: to offer customers a higher level of care than is possible with over-the-counter medication and supplements without the need to visit a doctors’ office or hospital.

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