Our obsession with all things ripped has hit fever-pitch and there seems to be nothing that we don’t rip up these days, from classic ripped jeans to skirts to even sweaters. One trend that really caught on this year was ripped shirts.

Ripped shirts, like ripped jeans, are more about fashion than functionality, particularly in colder weather. Fortunately, for a climate like ours, it is probably more functional.

The trick to pulling off ripped shirts is to buy a shirt that is ripped in the right places and in the best proportions. For example, you don’t want a shirt that is ripped in a way that shows your bra (unless that is actually what you’re going for) or one that shows skin in places you find unflattering, You alone know how much skin you want to show, so buy accordingly.


Many ‘ripped’ shirts are actually shirts with strategically placed holes and openings. These can be used to show off your best upper body features such as your shoulders, stomach, arms or back.



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