So, you wanna go on a road trip, Your car is ready and so are your mates. You think you have everything you need and are ready to zoom off….wait a minute!  Road trips often have an air of spontaneity to them and as such, they are one of those trips that people often embark on unprepared. So as to avoid getting caught unawares, here are some essentials everyone going on a road trip should have.


  • A mini toiletries bag:  Road trips are unpredictable at times, but your personal hygiene should always be a top priority. Even if you will be staying at hotels or with friends while on the trip, it is best to have a toiletries bag no matter what. If there is any unforeseen circumstance, you at least have deodorant.


  • Money: In the cashless world we find ourselves, many people simply keep their bank cards on them when traveling. When on a road trip, having some liquid cash is important. ATMs might fail in a foreign place and you don’t want to end up stranded. Before you leave, ask yourself ‘If no ATMs existed, how much would we need to survive for three days?’ Take that amount of money just in case.


  • A medical kit: Medical emergencies are a scary situation to be in, but they are worse when traveling. To prevent this, keep a medical kit in the car with you. This kit should comprise of your basic first aid kit, as well as a spreadsheet that lists out every participant’s medical conditions and what to do in case of an issue. It should also list out their physician’s number and the address of the nearest hospital in the place you are going to. It should also have medicines for these ailments. If someone on the trip is asthmatic, take a spare inhaler. If someone has diabetes, insulin and other medication should be taken. It’s better to have these things and not use them than to not have them and need them.

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