Short hair for women is fairly controversial. For a very long time, long hair was seen as the ideal statement of femininity and grace. Short hair, on the other hand, was looked at as boyish and not befitting of a woman. Thankfully, times have changed and short hair is mainstream. If the last decade has taught us anything it is that short hair both feminine and fun.
Genevieve magazine talks to  Chidimma Uumeh, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger about her hair journey and short hair in general.
G: Could you tell us a bit of your hair journey? What made you go for a short look?
Chidimma: I went natural in 2014 but then decided to texlax in 2016. However after texlaxing I always styled my hair in a bun, It was the only style that I could stand. I don’t like it when I have hair on my body so I tend to stay away from wigs and long weaves. I wanted to change things up but still maintain my no hair past my nape policy so I cut it short.
G: What has been the response towards your hairstyle?

Chidimma: It has been really positive, friends, family and even my audience love it.

G:  What do you think is the general attitude towards women with short hair?

Chidimma: I honestly think that it can vary. It boils down to how short it is and how you decide to style it. In my case nothing has changed really, people still treat me the same, haha.
Chidimma Umeh:

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