Being a wedding photographer is truly one of the best things to have happened to me. I love celebrating love and couples; capturing the ever so beautiful moment of the bride and the groom exchanging love glances or sharing a kiss, a mother hugging her son as he takes his journey into marriage or a dad shedding a tear as he gives his daughter away.

To be a successful wedding photographer in Nigeria requires a lot of set down processes. For me, success means to make a living from my passion and being able to service my clients and leave them with beautiful memories and the feeling that they got value for their money.

I wrote down a few nuggets on how to be a successful wedding photographer. These tips worked for me in the course of my journey (and still do!) and I hope you find them helpful as well.

By Wani Olatunde, wedding photographer

Learn Your Craft

I would advice upcoming photographers to first learn the craft. You need to be good at what you do and you can only achieve this by first investing your time and resources in educating yourself and by being consistent. The first year is usually the time set apart to hone your skill.

Discover Your Unique Style

In today’s world, people only want to hear authentic stories. It’s important you find your voice. When you try to be like the crowd, clients cannot tell the difference and so the only differentiating factor becomes the price. In your early years, try as much as you can to discover a style that sets you apart from the crowd, and then spend time and resources developing it, keeping in mind that consistency is the key.

Vendor relationships

It is essential you develop a great working relationship with other wedding vendors. You have to have them in your circle and network frequently. They do a lot of recommendations only when you have a great business relationship with them. I achieved this by just being helpful generally. I would always send them pictures of their work after each job without them having to ask.

Social Media Marketing/Networking

Instagram is the marketplace for effective digital marketing. I realised a good number of my Nigerian clients do not to visit my website as much as they do [my] Instagram.  Focus a lot on your Instagram account, post [the best] of your work for prospective clients. As you progress into the business of photography, you realise you spend only about 10% of your time shooting, the other 90% should be used for marketing and networking.


As a startup, use collaborations to build up your portfolio. Work with like-minded vendors and create the magic you want to see so the world can see your vision and eventually, you will attract the right bride/client.

Focus! Focus!! Focus!!!

Learn to be focused and put in the work! This is not only as a photographer but as an entrepreneur generally. It is never easy, but with a focused mind, your journey is made smoother.

Image Credit: Wani Olatunde

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