Shade Okoya, 40, and her 78-year-old husband, Eleganza CEO Alhaji Razak Okoya who tied the knot over 20 years ago are still growing in love and bond. She was just 21 and he was 59 when they got married but now after 4 kids, you can tell their union is a beautiful one.

Whenever they are together, Shade, who once said if she had married a younger man, she probably wouldn’t have lasted in the relationship, has a way of making the chairman beam with deep smiles all the time.

In an interview with City People, Shade Okoya said:

“I give God the glory. Just as children, marriage is not about having a special power. The success of any marriage lies in the fact that I am married to a good man. My marriage success is about God. I am thankful to Him. As you said, it going to be 19 years soon.

My family has sustained me. Most especially my husband. I want him to be happy and the fact that what he has going on in Eleganza is what he lives for. The passion and drive that my husband has for the manufacturing industries in Nigeria. I just love to make my husband happy in all ways.”

We have the video below

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