If family is by birth, then friends are by choice. Most of us can’t imagine life without our pals. Who would we gossip, laugh, joke and goof around with? Friends are one of the threads that keep the fabric of life together. But at what point does a friendship become unhealthy?

Fights between friends are inevitable, but they do bring up the question of whether the friendship in question should continue. Not every fight should automatically lead to the end of a friendship, but a few select ones should.


  • When an unforgivable act of betrayal has taken place: This can include dating your significant other, stealing from you, disrespecting your family and so on. It is up to you to decide what is unacceptable in a friendship, but some acts are universally considered to be unfix-able.
  • When you continuously back stab you: There are people who have a policy of not telling any of their personal issue to friends because they know it will be spread everywhere. Some also know their friends to be the type to bad-mouth them behind their back. Such friendships are inherently unhealthy and shouldn’t be continued.
  • When you are continuously disrespected/put down: It is a wonder why people¬† often put up with friendships where either of the two happen. Disrespect could be in the sense that your wishes are never respected or your opinion never sought. Some friends are also guilty of continuously mocking, belittling or insulting their friends. Such toxic nature should have no place in your life.
  • Friends who don’t make you a priority: Are you always the one planning outings? Do you continuously bend over backwards to make your friends happy while they don’t seem to even try at all for you? It might be time for the friendship to end.
  • Friends who are bad influences: We hate to sound like a preach parent, but friends who do not want to see you at your best aren’t friends at all. This includes friends who discourage your work, encourage you to engage in reckless behavior and so on.

Friendships are undoubtedly important in life and can bring untold joy to all parties involved. However, friendships that are unhealthy to either party should be ended promptly.

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