1. EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS: This is the act of scrubbing your lips either with a lip scrub or with honey and sugar mixture. It is mostly necessary for people with dry, broken or chapped lips. It will leave your lips smooth for application.

  1. MOISTURISE YOUR LIPS: While prepping your lips for your all day matte lippie, it is essential to moisturize your lips with a lip balm before applying. This will keep your lips fresh all day. The lip balm should not be oily or greasy.

  2. LINE YOUR LIPS: Now you apply a lip liner either the same shade with the lippie or a shade darker or a completely different shade depends on what you want to achieve. This is used to outline the lip shape.
    ● For nude lippie shades, try the lip liner in cappuccino and bold.
    ● To create an illusion of fuller lips, you should line a little above your natural lip line and to create an illusion of smaller lips, you should line a little within your natural lip line
    ● Make sure you properly blend the liner with the lippie to give a perfect finish.

  3. APPLY YOUR LIP FIX: Try not to take too much products on your applicator, then apply short strokes following the inner part of the lined lips and work your way carefully to the edges , up and down. Short strokes will help create an even colour and help reduce mistakes. You can coat a second time for more intensity.

  4. BLOT YOUR LIPS: To give your lips an extra matte finish, you can use a tissue to blot your lips after application. Once the liquid lipstick dries, put a dry tissue paper between your lips, lightly press them together and any excess will stay on the tissue.

  5. DEFINE YOUR LIPS: To give your lips that clean perfect look, use a concealer or foundation to clean the outer corners of your mouth. Using your exact shade or a shade lighter, it will clean off any mistakes and give your lips definition. You can also do this immediately after prepping the lips, just before you apply your lippie.

● Using a brush or tip of your finger, apply a little bit of highlighter to the centre of the upper lip (cupid bow) to give an extra glam look
● Use a lip brush for easier application
● Use your Zaron wipes with oil or silicon based primer to remove matee lippie easily at night.
● Don’t use an oily lip balm to prep your lips, it will distort the smooth application of the lippie, you can also blot the balm to take out any extra oil.
● Make sure you blend properly when mixing shades, there should be no demarcation or sharp lines between two or three shades. Even after liner application, be sure to blend your liner with your lippie properly. BLEND! BLEND!! BLEND!!!

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