What is the Obsession About?

The increase in Skin bleaching is at an all time high. We see people now sourcing out ways to lighten their skin as a way of feeling confident and more beautiful. Especially the interest in bleaching in the African market, the obsession of women to have lighter skin because it is being made to see lighter skin women has being more superior.

According to the statistics published by WHO, 77% of Nigerian women bleach, followed by Togo with 59%  while South Africa is with 35% and Mali is with 25%.

With so many stories of people saying they don’t recognize their own friends because of the change in their skin. Women thinking having lighter skin will be a way of impressing the opposite sex. Unfortunately, this trend does not seem to be dying down anytime soon – the trend only keeps getting wider.

It is definitely good news for those in the business of producing these bleaching products.

We fail to understand that most of the constituents in skin bleaching products are dangerous and harmful to our skin. People often want the extreme results tempting producers to use products containing hydroquinone, mercury, steroids and other heavy metals.

“These agents either induce or aggravate certain health challenges. It is scientifically proven that the abuse of these agents to several cutaneous and systemic health complications such as dermatitis, ochronosis (which can potentially result in loss of skin elasticity and impaired wound healing), skin atrophy, thinning and breaking of skin giving rise to acneform eruptions, paradoxical increase in skin pigmentation, hypertrichosis as well as other devastating and irreversible skin damage. Other complications that may arise includefungal/bacterial infections, unusual presentation of scabies, skin cancer, obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, renal and liver damage, thyroid disorders amongst others.Some studies have linked these agents with teratogenicity, mutagenicity and neurotoxicity in rats” – Oluwadara Alegbeleye.

Most European countries have banned the use of hydroquinone, or mercury as active ingredients in bleaching creams due to the fact that they are very toxic. Hydroquinone, known as the commonest bleaching agent, has been found to cause skin cancer. Mercury is the most dangerous ingredient of the 3 – known to damage the liver, brain, kidneys, immune system, heart, eyes, etc.

There are so many horror stories of women getting burnt skin and irreversible skin damages as a result of skin bleaching – Why risk it?

We are not here to judge. If you’d like to bleach, try to do it with more natural products. Don’t kill yourself bleaching. Always check the labels of the creams you are buying, and if you see any of the damaging ingredients, drop it! If you must bleach, get the right product but always remember ladies – Black Is Beautiful.

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