Thanks to the success of advertising campaigns and the internet, many skincare companies are now able to get their products in the eyes of almost everybody who has internet and is interested in how they look. Skincare products are being taken off the shelves almost as fast as they get there by customers eager to for the ‘flawless’, ‘anti-aging’ properties those products profess to deliver.

But the miracle of skincare products go beyond the products. It has a lot to do with how those products are being used. Before you invest in your next batch of skincare products, go through the list below to know if you have been using the former/current batch wrong.

  • Self-diagnosing using the internet – Though the internet is full of information on skincare tips and products, every skin is different. Hence, you need to visit a Dermatologist or a skincare expert for recommendations before you purchase and start using any product on your skin.
  • Constant switching of products – Not product, despite its ‘miracle’ active ingredients can start showing effects immediately. You need to be patient with your products before you switch to new products. Constantly switching skincare products can be harmful and produce the wrong effect on your skin.
  • Using ‘too hot’ water – Hot water helps cleanse the skin while stripping it off excess oil that has built up on the skin. Using water that is too hot will not only cleanse your skin, it can cause dryness of your skin and even burn the skin.
  • Mixing too many ‘highly’ active skincare products – Active ingredients in skincare products have their individual roles to play. Mixing different products that have active ingredients would not only defeat the purpose of those individual products, it can be harmful to the skin.
  • Ignoring your diet – This goes without saying. Beauty is skin-deep. Your skin will lok as health as you are. If you eat crap, your skin will look like crap.

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