The weekend is, for a lot of people in the workforce, the happiest and most-anticipated time of the week. There is no better time t recuperate from the hassle of working life than during the weekend. This recuperation process involves catching up with friends and family, watching favorite movies and T.V shows and sleep. Sleeping in is one of the greatest cornerstones of the weekend experience. People in school look forward to it as they miss out of some of their much-needed sleep during the week, as do working professionals. It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of good sleep for one’s physical and mental health and the weekend is a great time to catch up on some much-needed shut-eye.


Here are a few tips to make your weekend snooze more enjoyable and effective.


  • Ditch your alarm: During the week, alarms are a life-saving help that keep us from missing work, forgetting deadlines and falling into chaos. During the weekend (unless you have some weekend work that has to be done), the alarm should be ditched. Many people have an automatic alarm that goes off everyday. Be sure to disable this during the weekend so your  sleep isn’t disturbed.


  • Declutter: Many people’s beds are a cluttered mess with books, files, laptops and other work-related items during the week which give the looming sense of work the next day and might interfere with your sleep time. During the weekend, remove everything that might remind you of work and allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in your much-deserved sleep.

  • Turn off your phone: While your alarm might be off, notifications can also come into your phone and disturb your sleep. To prevent this, turn off your phone notifications for a while or keep it on silent.


  • Get comfy: Fluff your pillows. Have a drink before bed. Use an eye-mask. Either way, let yourself get completely comfortable and sleep your heart away.