What makes Mr Phenomenal; Leader of the phenomenal tribe our G-Man?

John Obidi is the founder of SmartbCamp, an online community of over 60,000 Thought Leaders and knowledge seekers.

He is an online business coach, social media guru, a regular guest on Channels Television‘s Tech Trends, and speaker; speaking mainly on entrepreneurship and personal development.

Listed on the Business Day CEO Magazine Class of 2018; he was  listed  on Avance Media’s 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians in 2016 and 2017 which he won in the Personal Development and Academia Category in 2017.

John was nominated for The Future Awards Africa Prize for New Media in 2013. The same year he decided to move to Lagos to pursue a career in Social Media Management for brands and businesses.

In 2014, John founded SmartBCamp, a community dedicated to closing the knowledge gap among working professionals in Nigeria.

The Big Business Webinar (which grew from the Smart Business Teleseminars) is a weekly seminar which holds within the SmartBCamp community. With listeners from different countries around the world, John teaches and hosts Thought Leaders in different niches all for free!

Having built an influence that many only dream of, it is almost impossible to believe that John left Benin for Lagos  with only his transport fare in his pocket, so he could attend Mastering the Business of your Talent Masterclass (convened by Steve Harris) in  2013. The Masterclass opened his eyes to opportunities in Lagos, and he decided to move from Benin City to the Hustle City.

The Benson Idahosa University  graduate of Computer Science, started off as a Web Development and Programming Instructor in Benin City.

When John moved to Lagos in 2014, he started volunteering to help with web development and live streaming for events, which got him into the right network to access high paying jobs and clients including telecoms giant MTN.

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