After making its bow about six years ago, the social media week is an event that is gathering a stronger momentum each passing year. Looking at the statistics for the 2017 edition, there were over 15,000 attendees across the week and a whooping 454 million global online reach. That’s huge!

Social media is a tool that is changing the face of business in contemporary times and a forum like this only makes it more imperative to tap into the transient world of digitalization while updating one’s knowledge on the recent happenings. By and large, the social media week addresses a great deal of the complexities associated with the new media and how to make a fortune using any of the available platforms.

Since the last edition of this forum, there has been rapid changes in the social media sphere which is important to talk about. The brainstorming sessions are a pointer to how education, business, entertainment, technology, art, banking and politics can function properly with the effective use of these life changing social media platforms available to us.

With this world class event already in full swing, we also draw our questions and confusions on topics that needs mentioning. Apparently, the world is on the verge of going wholly digital and being left on the back row might throw us a century backward. Businesses especially need to learn how to effectively carry out their operations in a new and digitally fashionable way without losing their customer base or their business objectives.

The sellout in this event is the unique insights, trends, business policies and practices, idea generation, and super inspiration that will help transform a business outlook across the continent. It is mind blowing and interactive in every way.

For this year, the expectations are high with business owners and stakeholders gathering at the Landmark centre to chart a way forward for digitalization. At the moment, our writing materials and questions have been properly prepared and our learning mode fully activated.

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