Vacation should be really defined as a time when we can really turn off those tech work savers and just relax and have fun,” says Robert R. Butterworth, a Los Angeles psychologist with International Trauma Associates, quoted on Workers in creative fields especially need the opportunity recharge their batteries.”If you have a job that’s very creative and you don’t take time off you hit a wall and you need a change. The break will allow you to refresh your brain cells,” explains Butterworth

Here are some reasons to consider going on a vacation.

More productivity

You count on being more productive if you’re taking vacations. Upon returning from vacation, workers are likely to put more effort into the work they have to make up, according to The New York Times. The importance of restoration is firmly rooted in our physiology as humans.

Closer family relationships

A psychology expert once said that one of the biggest benefits of taking vacation is how much it affects familial relationships. Family vacations increase family bonding, especially when a lot of the activities have to do with talking about memories or even sharing stressful moments together.

Shared family memories and time spent together away from everyday activities (school, work) help to promote these positive ties.. Though family vacations can have their own share of stress, the benefits outweigh the risks, even in families that are not particularly close.

Increased mental power

Working all the time and getting things done might make you think you’re the king of the world but the truth is your brain is feeling something completely different. Because our brains don’t have a reservoir to gather energy and power from, vacations can help reset your mind.

According to the Tribune, if we had a huge amount of brain power in reserve, we might not need vacations. We could just tap those beach-lolling brain cells. But we don’t. Time off tunes up a well-functioning brain.

Lower chance of burn out

Starting to feel a little burned out? Guess that’s a perfect reason to take a vacation — especially because the time away will actually keep you from letting the fire inside of you die. One of the key benefits of taking time off work is that you won’t feel all the pressures and discouragement that arise once you begin showing symptoms of a burnout.

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