What do you do when you feel like giving up?

I actually allow myself feel the emotion. I am better able to address the issue with the right words affirmation. Then I knock on heaven’s door with the feelings, let them know they’ve got a package, possibly packages and get back to living. It takes practice and that means you have to be brave enough to keep pushing the envelope to get the chance to practice, These days, it’s as simple as being yourself. Try it and let me know how your heart muscles are holding up. (laughs). You will get there eventually.


When it comes to gender equality in the work place, do you think women in the film industry are making enough noise to tackle the disparity?

 I think that unlike our counterparts in Hollywood, we are not quite as unequal with men in the film industry. I have worked with female producers and directors as much as I have worked with male producers and directors in Nigeria. That is one thing I appreciate this side of the sector. Could it be  that the industry has not been taken as seriously as other sectors to be financially lucrative? Maybe. But who’s laughing now! I believe the narrative has changed dramatically and the industry is on a fast rise to becoming a major contender as a legitimate contributor to the GDP of this country. I must give much kudos to the women who have proven themselves over time and made a name for them and for us. Late Amaka Igwe, Bolanle Austen Peters, Omoni Oboli, Mo Abudu, Joke Silva and so many others. I could go on forever.


What in your opinion, and through your own experience. Is one important ingredient to a healthy and happy relationship?

I think kindness goes a long way. Be kind enough to yourselves to be your best version that looks out for the other person, especially in their weakness. Be on the same with the vision and goal for the family otherwise you waste valuable time and energy going degrees apart causing tears and rips in the “two become one”.


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